Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do I need a license for a gun in Ireland?

A. Yes all firearms need a license including air rifles.

Q. Will there be a limit on the number of firearms an individual may have licensed?

A. There is no limit. However, new minimum security standards will now be required of holders of firearm certificates in relation to the provision of secure accommodation for their firearms. The level of security is dependent on the number of firearms certified to an individual.

Q. Who can apply for Training Certificate? What is the age limit? Can a trainee use any firearm?

A. Any person over 14 years of age can apply for a firearms training certificate. The training certificate does not entitle the holder to actually own a firearm and the certificate can only apply to a non-restricted firearm. The person must always be under the supervision of a specified person over 18 years of age who holds a firearm certificate in respect of it. The training certificate shall continue in force for 3 years unless revoked.

Q. Where can I get a new application form for a Firearms Certificate and who do I apply to?

A. All application forms that apply to the new firearms legislation can be obtained at any Garda Station or on An application for a non restricted firearm certificate shall be made on form FCA1 to the superintendent of the district where the applicant resides. If the application refers to a restricted firearm, the superintendent shall forward the application to the chief superintendent of that division.

Q. How much is a new Firearms Certificate and what is its duration?

A. All new firearms certificates will cost €80 and will remain in force for 3 years from the date it was granted unless revoked. The collection of fees will be outsourced to An Post and no money will now be accepted at Garda Stations for firearms certificate

Q. Where can I get more information in relation to Firearm Licensing?

A. The Garda Commissioner has issued Guidelines as to the practical application and operation on the firearm acts 1925-2009. These Guidelines should be read as an aid to recently enacted firearms legislation, in particular the Criminal Justice Act 2006 and the Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions Act) 2009. The Guidelines are available on

Q. Is one FCA1 to be completed for each application?

A. Yes. Each application will require a separate fully completed FCA1 with a photo attached to each application.

Q. Should Gardaí attach copies of passport/driving licence to a completed application form?

A. No. Once the Garda is satisfied with the applicants Identification, by viewing passports/ driving licences etc., this will suffice.

Q. What constitutes Secure Storage for Firearms?

A. The following which is taken from Statutory Instrument 307/2009 is the schedule for Secure Storage; Type and number of firearms Security standard required:

  1. One non-restricted shotgun. The shotgun shall be disassembled and each part shall be stored securely and separately when not in use. The trigger housing shall be secured against use with an appropriate trigger lock.
  2. One restricted firearm, or three or fewer non-restricted firearms. The firearm(s) should be stored in a gun safe which complies with BS 7558 and which shall be securely fixed to a solid structure.
  3. Two restricted firearms, or more than three non-restricted firearms. Each firearm shall be stored in a gun safe which meets BS 7558 and which shall be securely fixed to a solid structure. The place in which the firearms are stored shall have an alarm fitted and the external doors to the place shall be fitted with locks which comply with BS 3621.
  4. Three or more restricted firearms or six or more firearms, of any type, kept in the same place. In addition to the standards specified at reference number 3, the place in which the firearms are stored shall have an intruder alarm system, installed and maintained by installers licensed by the Private Security Authority, which complies with I.S. EN 50131 or an equivalent standard approved by the Commissioner of the Garda Siochana The alarm shall be connected to a monitoring service, operated by a person licensed by the Private Security Authority, and supported with GSM Mobile telephone service back up signalling facilities

Q. In relation to Form FCA1, is Section 2.2 (Brief Medical History/Medical Enquiries), is it mandatory to include the details of the applicants general Medical Practitioner or other Medical Professional (if any)?

A. Yes, it is mandatory to complete this section in full.

Q. Section 2.4 of FCA1 refers to details of an applicant being found guilty of or, having charges pending for any offence in Ireland or abroad. Must I disclose details any offence pending or conviction?

A. Yes, all offences pending or convictions in relation to any offence must be disclosed.

Q. If I am a member of a Gun Club e.g. Game Club, Clay Pigeon Club etc., as distinct from a Rifle or Pistol Club where on Form FCA1 can I accommodate my membership details?

A. Section 4.2 of FCA1 provides a tick box marked ‘other’ (specify). All details in relation to the club should be provided on a separate sheet as is outlined in this section.

Q. In relation to Section 5.1 on form FCA1 do I need a licence to shoot Hares, in season, under the Wild Life Act 1976?

A. No, a licence to shoot Hares, within season, is not required under this section, however if applicants are intending to shoot Hares they should still tick the YES box provided for in this section.

Q. Do I need to provide a medical report or have the application form signed by my doctor?

A. No. You are only required to provide the name address and telephone number of your medical practitioner and answer the simple medical question in Section 2.2 of the Application Form. Access to any individual’s psychiatric or medical practitioner will only be necessary where circumstances dictate a requirement for doing so.

Q. If I am a member of a game or other gun club, do I need to also provide written permission from two landowners?

A. No. But an issuing person may require further information from an applicant re land permission when assessing an applicant’s ‘Good Reason’ to have the firearm. However this requirement may be fulfilled by virtue of the applicant being a member of a game or other gun club and such club having designated land or lands to shoot on. Section 5.2 applies only to circumstances where an applicant is applying for a limited certificate, which is still provided for under the Wildlife Acts.

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