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RWS .270 WIN. KS 9,7G/150GR


  • Ammunition can only be supplied to the named holder of a valid firearms licence and strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Firearms Acts 1925-1990 and any Regulations pertaining thereto.
  • After completing purchase in the usual way, please email both sides of your licence and valid photo ID (passport or driving license) to or WhatsApp a photo of both sides of the cert to 0872746226.
  • We can only deliver ammunition to the address on your firearms licence. We cannot supply more ammunition than stated on your licence.
  • Only the calibre of ammunition specified on the licence can be supplied.
  • The person named on the gun licence has to be present at time of delivery.

100 in stock

100 in stock


Product Description

The performance data for the .270 WInchester are very balanced. It is a highly accurate cartridge that is quite pleasent to shoot. Nevertheles, this cartridge, which is based on the case of the .30-06 Springfield and was introduced in 1925, is not a cartridge for really large or even aggressive animals. It remains a cartridge for light to medium game from roe deer through chamois to moufflon. The .270 is also a good cartridge for use at maximum range in the mountains. However, the cartridge only has limited suitability for really large game.

Article number2117282
Caliber.270 Win.


BC value0.345
Barrel length600 mm
Range Velocity
0 m 896 m/s
50 m 850 m/s
100 m 806 m/s
150 m 764 m/s
200 m 722 m/s
250 m 682 m/s
300 m 643 m/s
Range Energy
0 m 3894 J
50 m 3504 J
100 m 3151 J
150 m 2831 J
200 m 2528 J
250 m 2256 J
300 m 2005 J
Range MRD 100 m
50 m -0.8
100 m
150 m -3
200 m -10.2
250 m -22.1
300 m -39.3
Range MRD 184 m
50 m 1.2
100 m 4
150 m 3.1
200 m -2.1
250 m -12
300 m -27.1



  1. Typical cone point and long bearing surface
  2. Lead core
  3. Gilding metal jacket
  4. Core locked into jacket

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