Alpenheat Boot Dryer and Warmer AD14



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  • Compact, portable and light-weight
  • Fit easily in any shoe or boot
  • With built-in UV light to kill bacteria

ALPENHEAT Bootdryer and Warmer CIRCULATION AD14 2in1 set: 12V car plug orange and adapter with 230V household plug


CIRCULATION is an affordable, portable shoe and boot dryer, with a built-in UV light that reduces bacteria and gets rid of unpleasant odour, whilst gently drying your shoes or boots.
CIRCULATION can also be used to heat-up your shoes before you put them on, so begin your day with completely dry and warm feet.
The special design features of CIRCULATION include the integrated feet, elevating the dryer off the boot or shoe allowing the hot air to circulate freely.
The unique “venturi system” works like a carburettor to accelerate drying time by drawing the cooler air in through the bottom, heating it and pushing it to the top. No fan is used, so there are no moving parts. The air is heated to about 30°C.
CIRCULATION is ideal to take along on day trips and on holiday: no more wet or cold shoes!

Available in orange or green with a 230V household plug or in orange with a 12V car plug or as a 2in1 set in orange with a 12V plug and adapter with a 230V household plug.

Model Circulation AD14:

This 2in1 set consists of a dryer in orange with a 12V plug and an adapter with a 230V household plug. The adapter has an output of 12W / 1A, so the dryer can be used worldwide with 100-240V 50/60Hz (travel plug may be necessary).


  • With built-in UV light to kill bacteria
  • Compact, portable and light-weight
  • Fits easily in any shoe or boot
  • Silently warms in minutes and dries in hours
  • Air circulation holes
  • Output: max. 9 Watt
  • Dimensions: L 16 x H 5 x W 3 cm
  • Weight: AD6: 160g, AD9: 190g, AD10: 190g, AD14: 260g
Set Content:


AD14 (2in1 set: 12V car plug orange and adapter with 230V household plug)

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