Blaser Stock Oil


High – quality, natural refinement and care for your stock wood

A wooden stock not only offers an impressive and high-quality appearance, but also a very special feel. The Blaser stock oil cares for the precious natural material optimally and, when used regularly, ensures that the wooden stock retains its beauty over the years. A select blend of natural oils penetrates deep into the wood and is also completely wax-free. Of course, no harmful silicones, dyes or petroleum products are included. With the help of the microfiber cloth you get a lint- free result that will delight you.
Let your stock wood shine in new splendor – with the Blaser stock oil!
• Includes shaft oil (50 ml) and microfiber cloth (30 x 20 cm)
• Blend of premium oils without pollutants with high quality lignin and
protective terpenes
• Easy to use
Product no. 80412497
Weight: 0.15 kg