Mauser M18 Recoil Pad 40mm



Mauser M18 Rifles are fitted with the latest recoil pad technology. It reduces the impact of the recoil on the shooter which is a very useful feature, especially on the Magnum calibers. The robust pad allows you to fully concentrate on the accuracy of your shots. The recoil pad of the M18 is also removable with an internal storage compartment.

The perfect fit for your MAUSER 18!

We present our new interchangeable butt plates for the MAUSER 18! With these butt plates you can quickly and easily adjust the stock of your MAUSER 18 to your individual needs. Whether petite or those with a larger stature – with these butt plates the perfect fit is possible for everyone.

The advantages are obvious: on the one hand, you can extend the stock of your MAUSER 18 from a standard LOP of 35.5 cm to a LOP of 37 cm by means of a 4 cm butt plate. Or shorten it to a LOP of 34.5 cm by using the second 1.5 cm butt plate.

This way your weapon adapts perfectly to your body size and arm reach. The change from one to the other butt plate is completely tool-free and requires only two movements and a few seconds.

Every MAUSER 18 is still supplied as standard with a 2.5 cm thick standard butt plate, which is also available as a spare part.