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RWS .308 WIN. SPEED TIP 10,7G 165gr


  • Ammunition can only be supplied to the named holder of a valid firearms licence and strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Firearms Acts 1925-1990 and any Regulations pertaining thereto.
  • After completing purchase in the usual way, please email both sides of your licence and valid photo ID (passport or driving license) to or WhatsApp a photo of both sides of the cert to 0872746226.
  • We can only deliver ammunition to the address on your firearms licence. We cannot supply more ammunition than stated on your licence.
  • Only the calibre of ammunition specified on the licence can be supplied.
  • The person named on the gun licence has to be present at time of delivery.

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Out of stock




Article number2318172Caliber.308 Win.BulletSPEED TIP-bullet
V0820 m/sE03597 JMRD170 m


Recommended range up to270 mHumane takedownVariableStopping powerVery highLikeliness of exit holeRegularly
RecoilMediumBullet weight10.7 gLead freeNo


Especially recommended for:

Light game, Medium game

Light gameAlternativeMedium gameVery good


BC value0.48
Barrel length600 mm
Range Velocity
0 m 820 m/s
50 m 789 m/s
100 m 758 m/s
150 m 728 m/s
200 m 699 m/s
250 m 670 m/s
300 m 642 m/s
Range Energy
0 m 3597 J
50 m 3330 J
100 m 3074 J
150 m 2835 J
200 m 2614 J
250 m 2402 J
300 m 2205 J
Range MRD 100 m
50 m -0,5
100 m
150 m -3,9
200 m -12,5
250 m -26,4
300 m -46.2
Range MRD 170 m
50 m 1,5
100 m 4,0
150 m 2,1
200 m -4,5
250 m -16,5
300 m -34,2



  1. Speed Tip point for maximum knockdown power and flat trajectory
  2. High BC bullet profile
  3. Crimping and separation groove
  4. Nickel-plated gilding metal jacket
  5. V-Tail for accuracy


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