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Copper-graphite spray is free of silicone, PTFE, acid and resin and does not become resinous.

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6 in stock



The specialist for extreme conditions from -100 °C to 800 °C!

  • reliably prevents seizing
  • reduces friction losses
  • ideal for threads and fits
  • Prevents contact corrosion on different metals
  • protects itself against salt water, diluted acids, alkalis and chemical vapors


Copper-graphite spray is free of silicone, PTFE, acid and resin and does not become resinous.

Reliable protection against corrosion, wear and tear and seizing.

Gear wheels, chains, ball bearings, roller bearings, track, bearing and running rollers, sliding surfaces and slide rails are protected by the lubricity of copper-graphite spray , do not rust and do not jam. Press-fit bearings will not seize, even at high temperatures and pressures. Valves, valve seat inserts, grooves, pipe connections, flanges and seals are protected from aggressive media.

Coarse and fine threads, nuts, screws, bolts, wedges, springs and bushings: can be easily loosened again even after extreme thermal stress. Hinges, door and gate suspensions, loading flaps and sluice joints always remain functional.

Copper Graphite Sprayhelps, for example, with agricultural machinery and equipment, trucks, articulated lorries, trailers, conveyor belts and transport rails. Buses, garbage trucks, snowploughs, cement mixers, cranes, tankers, excavators, bulldozers and tractors. Military equipment such as tanks, guns, engineer vehicles, amphibious vehicles, ships and much more.

Copper-graphite spray protects against corrosion and seizing for a long time. It reduces the friction of moving parts, reduces abrasion of plastic and rubber on metal. Gives a tighter connection for threads and fits. Prevents contact corrosion on dissimilar metals.

Copper Graphite Sprayguarantees an application range from -100 to +800 °C. Due to its chemical composition, the copper-graphite spray is extremely pressure-resistant and protects all metals against corrosive media: steam, fresh and salt water, diluted alkalis, many chemical vapors. Copper-graphite spray is a harmless working substance in terms of the Working Materials Ordinance. Copper Graphite Spray is indifferent to

most gases , such as natural gas, butane, propane, noble gases, fluorocarbons and nitrogen. Only with compressed oxygen is it not possible to use it. Copper-graphite spray – indispensable for industry and trade!


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