Lakeland Clay Pigeon Club Membership


Membership of Lakeland Clay Pigeon Club includes insurance cover through Country Sports Ireland

Key benefits of Individual Membership of Country Sports Ireland include:

  • Outstanding insurance cover including €8.8 million Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident cover whilst participating in recognised activities* on a world-wide basis (see Individual Member Insurance section).
  • Subsidised access to a leading programme of training courses and events.
  • FREE expert advice and support on a broad range of country sports matters including wildlife legislation and firearm licensing.
  • High quality individual membership card confirming insurance cover etc., sent to customer upon set up of registration (allow 7 working days).  Annual cover commences when you receive registration card from Country Sports Ireland.

Purchase your Membership of Lakeland Clay Pigeon Club here.

On receipt of your payment we will issue an email confirmation  with your unique order number. Keep this for reference.  Once your payment is processed your membership and insurance details will be forwarded to you. The membership will be for 12 months from the date of issue of the membership.

The following information is required;

Name and address,

Contact phone number,

Email address,

Date of birth.