The Blaser QDC+ allows you to adjust the shooting distance up to a range of 500 m directly on the elevation turret of your Blaser B2 riflescope. For optimal adaptation to your own rifle, ten interchangeable engraved rings are included, covering a wide range of hunting ammunition. Additionally, individual markings can be applied to a blank ring.

As with all Blaser riflescopes, you have the possibility to lock the turret at the zero position and at 4 clicks high (most recommended distance). This insures that an unintentional adjustment is not possible and the locked position gives you the safety of a clean shot at common hunting distances.

The Blaser QDC+ is optionally available for the models B2 2-12×50 iC and B2 2.5-15×56 iC and very easy to retrofit yourself.

Also available for the riflescope series B1!