Mauser safety system for manual cocking

Current safety requirements stipulate that hunting rifles must be carried uncocked. The M 03 is cocked manually just before firing. This is easily done in the firing position.

Cocking the rifle: Move the cocking lever to the right, into the “Fire”position

Mauser trigger system

A standard feature on the M 03 is a crisp single-stage trigger for a precise shot whether stalking, from a high seat or in a driven hunt situation. A combi-trigger that can be used either as a crisp single-stage trigger or a fine-adjustment set trigger is available upon request. The set trigger is automatically deactivated when the rifle is uncocked.

Mauser insert magazine

The Mauser magazine design has three distinct advantages:

High capacity, standard caliber 5+1, magnum caliber 4+1, short magnum caliber 3+1

A lockable magazine stop button prevents losing the magazine.

Caliber interchange

Changing to a different caliber group is easy. The locking head can be replaced quickly without any tools. Interchangeable barrels: Simply open two captive nuts in the forearm to change barrels. Shorter barrels are available upon request: 52 cm (20″) in standard caliber or 60 cm (23″) in magnum caliber.

Original Mauser Double Square Scope Mount

 This innovative mount system is very easily installed and does not lose zero when removed and remounted.