MINOX Night Vision Device NVD 650


Fully digital. Fully affordable.

Are all cats gray at night? Not quite. With the NVD 650 digital night vision device, you can see what’s going on even in complete darkness – whether you’re on a night hike or on deck.

The 6x optical magnification ensures an unobstructed view. If required, it can be digitally increased to 5x – in extreme cases even to a total magnification of 30x.

The large 50 mm objective diameter ensures a high light incidence to provide the best possible resolution and image brightness. Not only that, photos or HD videos can be recorded directly onto a microSD card. That’s how to turn night into day – and the price won’t stop you.



  • 6x magnification (optical), 5x digital (= max. 30x magnification)
  • Powerful IR emitter (850 nm wavelength): range up to 350 m
  • Can be used during the day
  • Rail for additional IR lighting


“Night vision devices are only then really fantastic if I can afford them. And that’s why I call the NDV 650 from MINOX fantastic!”