Peltor Sport-Tac Electronic Earmuffs


Peltor Sport-Tac Electronic Earmuffs

Developed specifically for hunters and marksmen, the slim profile avoids contact with the stock. These collapsible earmuffs also feature a smooth activevolume function to eliminate abrupt sound cut-off, can connect to a two-way radio, and come with green and orange or red and black interchangeable cups. 26 SNR attenuation.

The active hearing protector for hunting and shooting sports. The first-class electronics enable realistic directional hearing and react to impulse noises at lightning speed. Equipment: folding headband, 2 microphones, button operation, audio input, 10-fold amplification, 2 pairs of interchangeable shells.

Comparison overview of 3M ™ Peltor ™ hearing protectors (PDF)

  • Frequency: 4000Hz
  • Average attenuation: 38.3 dB
  • Standard deviation: 3.7 dB
  • Expected attenuation: 34.6 dB
  • Battery: 2x 1.5V AAA
  • Weight: 318 g
  • Color: olive / orange

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