Reel Wings Flying Duck Decoy Kit

Original price was: €35.00.Current price is: €15.00.

MADE IN USA, This flying duck decoy takes a 10 mph wind and can take winds up to 40 mph! Made of rubber and will not break. If you need a decoy for lighter winds please check out our Ultra Lites or Light wind decoys, they will fly in a 6+ mph wind. 

What makes Reel Wings so Deadly is that they take wind to fly, each decoy reacts differently swooping and swaying so no two ever look alike and on the days that there is no wind of course they don’t fly so the birds will not get used to seeing them every day. You can of course hook your Reel Wings Flying decoy to our new  motion pole for use on the low wind days.

All Reel Wings Flying Decoys are painted with Bird Vision UV Decoy Paints to give you the extra edge.