Thermal image target pads


Thermal image target pads

Inexpensive and precise shooting in of the thermal imaging attachment with the help of a target pad that can be placed anywhere.

With the ongoing development and above all the amendment to the gun law, a thermal imaging device is an option for more and more hunters. Because in this way it is possible to address safely even in the most difficult weather and light situations.

However, the shot should always be secure even when using a thermal imaging attachment. In connection with the usual firearm and optics but with a new thermal imaging device, we therefore urgently recommend prior calibration. Possible differences between the targeted target point and the actual shot hit are to be ruled out as far as possible in order to avoid missed shots.

With the newly developed thermal image target pads, this calibration is particularly efficient and cost-effective.

Simply tear open the packaging (film), remove the pad, remove the protective film on the back and attach the target pad to the desired location. The pad reaches its optimal calibration temperature of 38 ° C within a few minutes.

Then aim the thermal pad with the thermal imaging device mounted on the firearm and optimize the thermal view. After only 2-3 test shots, thanks to the round shape and small diameter of the pad, unwanted shot deviations between the bullet holes and the geometric center of the pad can be optimally determined.

The activation of the heat pads begins solely through contact with the air. The specific combination of the ingredients contained in the heat pads (especially activated carbon) ensures that they are automatically heated without any further action.

Technical specifications

  • Scope of delivery: 10 pieces
  • Triggered by activated carbon
  • Diameter: 4 cm

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