Blaser Gun Care Kit


The Blaser gun care set for all those who do not want to compromise

This gun care really should not be missing in any hunter´s household:

The Blaser gun care set for all those who do not want to compromise. Consisting of four different products, your weapon will be protected in a unique way. The gun oil not only provides a particularly high cleaning performance, it also ensures a long-lasting corrosion protection. With the help of the pump bottle, you get exactly the dosage you really need. The gun grease also impresses with its innovative properties. Even at a temperature range of minus 50 up to 250 degrees Celsius and extreme strains, it protects reliably. The brush allows a perfectly fine application at any point of the firearm, while the microfiber cloth cleans lint-free and without scratches.
• Gun oil (100 ml) for excellent cleaning of dirt, impurities and traces of gunshot
• Gun grease (15 g) as an ideal care product for all moving parts and for very
high resistance (not illustrated)
Microfiber cloth as excellent equipment to really reach every spot
Product no. 80412494
Weight: 0.25 kg