Sauer Backpack


Light, flexible, elegant: The new SAUER hunting backpack not only looks great but is also perfectly designed down to the smallest detail.

Due to its extremely water-repellent and low-noise membrane materials, as well as the waterproof seams, the SAUER backpack is tremendously robust. Its low weight of approximately 1.2 kg has a capacity of 35 liters and in addition comes with two side pockets, a large front pocket, a spacious inner compartment, and a small padded pocket within the lid.
If preferred, the hip belt can be stored under the lumbar pads, yet you can easily pull the hip belt out for usage whilst carrying the backpack if desired.
The added sling swivel pocket to the zip of the main compartment is a great feature that allows the SAUER shooting pillow to be easily attached or removed, by simply pressing a button. Our SAUER fans already know and love this feature from the SAUER 404. The backpack straps are adjustable in length and any excess lengths can be stored aside by using the provided Velcro system. Its quiet materials ensure the backpack is suitable for stalking; not only that but thanks to its modern design our backpack is also well suited for the more fashion-conscious people whilst going hiking or on excursions.
Product no. 80409721
Weight: 1.2 k

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